Program of the fourth PHYSICS & PHILOSOPHY conference: "Time, Space and Space-Time"

July 6 2015, MondayChair: Franjo Sokolić
8:45–9:15 Opening ceremony
9:15–10:45 Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond From relativity to chronogeometry. The twin paradox (re)$^n$visited and (finally?) tamed
10:45–11:50 Tomislav Živković How experimentally to detect quantum transformations in space and time
11:50–12:20 Coffee break
12:20–13:00 Zvonimir Šikić There is only one speed
13:00–13:30 Dragan Poljak & Mirko Jakić Nature of time asymmetry in modelling of physical systems
13:30–14:00Tonći Kokić Presocratic concept of time
14:00–16:00 Lunch break
16:00–16:45 Aurelien Perera Should simulation-as a computer experiment- guide theory or the opposite? A liquid state physicist point of view
16:45–17:30 Jadran Vrabec Simulation, theory and experiment in thermodynamics from an engineer's point of view
17:30–18:00 Tomaž Urbič What is anomalous in liquids and is there liquid-liquid phase transition?
18:00–18:30 Coffee break
18:30–19:15 Physics and Philosophy: book presentation $\cdot$ Presenters: Filip Grgić and Dragan Poljak
July 7 2015, TuesdayChair: Franjo Sokolić
9:00–9:45 Scott Walter Radio telemetry and the birth of spacetime conventionalism
9:45–11:00 Nevenko Bilić Space and time in modern cosmology
11:00–12:15 Marko Uršič The enigma of the existence of time
12:15–12:40 Coffee break
12:40–13:15 Dubravko Horvat, Zoran Narančić & Saša Ilijić Wormhole geometries and exotic matter
13:15–14:00 Ivana Skuhala Karasman & Filip Grgić Time of death
14:00–16:20 Lunch break
16:20–16:50 Vasil Penchev Beyond and across space: entanglement
16:50–17:30 Luka Boršić The concepts of time and space just before the emergence of modern science
17:30–18:10 Kristina Šekrst The cosmological theory of inflation: problems, possible answers, and computational complexities
18:10–18:40 Domagoj Kuić What is probability and what is then statistical mechanics?
18:40–19:20 Peter Lukan Time and probability
19:20–19:30 Closing of the conference (Sokolić, Žarnić, Boršić)
Physics and Philosophy

Cancelled talks