Some remarks on Reichenbach's philosophy of space and time

Jadran Beganović

Abstract We shall undertake roughly assessment of Reichenbach views of space and time. Reichenbach was highly influenced by Poincaré and Einstein to point out grounds for his philosophical work. His analysis of themes concerning space and time are rather wide and complex therefore we're going to extract two problems that evoked strong reaction in scientific community. First we address the problem of „coordinative definitions“ which is a Reichenbach form of correspondence rules. Term used in empiricist philosophy of science to connect non-observable theoretical terms with observable terms. Second we mention the Reichenbach attempt to clarify the notion of time offering theory of anisotrophy of time based on a factual asymmetries in actual order of events. Then we meet some critics of Reichenbach. Finally we indicate some methodological and theoretical values of Reichenbach views.