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Major research areas

  1. Antimicrobial peptides (AMPs). How to discover or design them and interplay of bioinformatics, biophysics and bioenergetics needed to get insight into their mechanism of action. From AMPs to peptide antibiotics and other application possibilities.

  2. Maximum entropy production (MEP) & maximum entropy (MaxEnt) principles and their applications in physics, bioenergetics and enzyme kinetics. Is life unique among other dissipative structures due to superior capacity for accelerating thermodynamic evolution of its environment through the increase of its own information entropy (evolution coupling hypothesis)?

  3. Secondary structure prediction for membrane proteins.

Davor Juretić

Full Professor of physics,

Coordinator of Biophysics PhD and MSc Programme

Physics Department
Faculty of Science, University of Split

Teslina 12,  21000 Split,  Croatia

Tel: +385-21-385133
Fax: +385-21-384086