The first day of the conference

Morning sessionAfternoon session
Jean-Marc Lévy-LeblondFrom relativity to chronogeometry. The twin paradox (re)$^n$visited and (finally?) tamed Aurélien PereraShould simulation-as a computer experiment- guide theory or the opposite? A liquid state physicist point of view
Tomislav ŽivkovićHow experimentally to detect quantum transformations in space and time Jadran VrabecSimulation, theory and experiment in thermodynamics from an engineer's point of view
Zvonimir ŠikićThere is only one speed Tomaž UrbičWhat is anomalous in liquids and is there liquid-liquid phase transition?
Dragan Poljak and Mirko JakićNature of Time (A)symmetry in Modeling of Physical Systems Filip Grgić and Dragan PoljakPhysics & Philosophy book presentation Physics & Philosophy
Tonći KokićPresocratic concept of time