====== Physics & Philosophy ====== Physics and philosophy annual meetings at the //University of Split// are organized with the aim of developing dialogue between natural sciences and philosophy. <wrap lo>The meetings have been initiated and lead by Franjo Sokolić with a little help from his friends and colleagues.</wrap> ---- <WRAP center round important 60%> NEW: [[2018:start2018|2018 Physics and Philosophy Meeting & SUMMER SCHOOL]] </WRAP> ---- ---- === Gallery - previous meetings === <datatables> |[{{ :maudlin.png?330|Tim Maudlin explaining the space-time diagram in 2012.}}]| |[{{ :duerr.png?330|Detlef Dürr discussing entanglement in 2014.}}]| |[{{ :jmll.png?330|Jean-Marc Lévy-Leblond discussing the problematic relationship between social and natural sciences in 2015.}}]| |[{{ :berry.png?330|Gérard Berry discussing the informatics of time and events in 2016.}}]| </datatables> ~~CLOUD:47~~