Some of the scientific resources I developed

  • Membrane Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server - SPLIT 3.5 Server: link , mirror 1, or mirror 2
  • Membrane Protein Secondary Structure Prediction Server - SPLIT 4 Server: link, mirror 1, or mirror 2
  • Database of Anuran Defense Peptides - DADP: link or mirror
  • Therapeutic index estimator for frog-derived helical antimicrobial peptides: link or mirror
  • Mutator algorithm for suggesting amino acid substitutions likely to improve the selectivity index of anuran or anuran-like peptides: link, or mirror
  • MIC-Predictor: The server for predicting minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) of Rana-box anuran peptides:
  • Seminars from Research Methodology in Natural Sciencies (second online edition 2015 in Croatian language): link
  • Public dissemination of research results about new peptide antibiotics and doctoral study of biophysics I established at the University of Split Faculty of Science (in Croatian):
  • Croatian Science Foundation funding for the project: Biophysical Design of Antimicrobial peptides and Innovative Molecular Descriptors (BioAmpMode)-IP-8481: I initiated and led this project until I become professor emeritus in 2015. Afterwards, I participated in the project as one of team members. The project already produced several new classes of peptide antibiotics, most of them nontoxic for human cells and bactericidal for standard and multidrug-resistant bacteria.

For University of Split professors and assistants, who teach general physics courses, I obtained permission from the US Publisher to make available my partial translation of the “Fundamentals of Physics” by Halliday-Resnick-Walker, which includes chapters on Mechanics and Relativity theory.  Interested colleagues are welcome to contact me.

Updated versions of most chapters from my 1997 book (in Croatian) “Bioenergetics: Work of membrane proteins” are also available on request.